Presumed guilty until proven credible: epistemic injustice toward Venezuelan immigrants in Colombia


  • Allison Wolf Universidad de Los Andes



epistemic injustice, immigration, Venezuelan, Colombia, epistemic oppression


With few exceptions, philosophers working on immigration have not taken up the topic of epistemic injustice, primarily, I imagine, because immigration justice is often too narrowly conceived of as encompassing moral and political concerns rather than epistemic ones. But the more I think about the injustices immigrants endure on a daily basis, the more I take this to be a mistake; epistemic injustices must be seen as a central aspect of immigration injustice too. In what follows, I will demonstrate how this is the case. More specifically, after providing an overview of the nature of epistemic injustice, I will highlight some examples of it in the lives of displaced Venezuelan immigrants in Colombia. In doing so, I hope to show why discussions about immigration injustice must include identifying and confronting epistemic wrongs.


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Author Biography

Allison Wolf, Universidad de Los Andes

es una profesora asociada en el departamento de filosofía en la Universidad de los Andes e investigadora en el Centro de Estudios Migratorios de la misma institución. La profesora dicta cursos en filosofía feminista, filosofía social y política, y la filosofía latinx y latinoamericana. Sus intereses de investigación principales incluyen la filosofía de inmigración en las Américas desde una aproximación feminista, la ética de la sexualidad, la filosofía feminista, y la bioética. Es autora del libro Just Immigration in the Americas: A Feminist Account (2020) y co-editora del Applying Jewish Ethics: Beyond the Rabbinical Tradition (en prensa).


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