An Intercultural Approach for Language Teaching: Developing Critical Cultural Awareness

  • John Jader Agudelo Universidad de Antioquia
Keywords: intercultural education, critical cultural awareness, language teacher education, intercultural competence, foreign language teacher education, critical pedagogy, pedagogical innovation, culture, intercultural dialogue, social transformation


This article presents the pedagogical experience of a teacher implementing an intercultural approach in an undergraduate foreign language teaching program. The students who participated in this experience were interviewed in order to demonstrate that an intercultural approach is an effective alternative to developing students’ critical cultural awareness, as well as to explore the critical relationship between language and culture. Analysis of the interviews revealed critical cultural awareness in students’ teaching practices and personal views. It also showed students becoming conscious of the essential role of culture in language teaching.

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Agudelo, J. J. (2007). An Intercultural Approach for Language Teaching: Developing Critical Cultural Awareness. Íkala. 12(1), pp. 185 – 217.

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Author Biography

John Jader Agudelo, Universidad de Antioquia
John Jader Agudelo holds an M.Ed in Multicultural and Bilingual Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is currently a professor at the School of Languages at Universidad de Antioquia and member of the research group "Diverser" of the School of Education.
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