Comparative analysis among bearers of PVH CONDYLOMA, infected or non-infected by VIH virus, in a reference center for STD/AIDS in Brasilia-Brazil


  • Maria Do Socorro Evangelista Kusano Universidad de Brasilia
  • Leonor de Lannoy Tavares Unidad Mixta de Brasilia
  • Maria Madalena Leidijany Costa Paz Universidad de Brasilia



Introduction: the increase in notifications of human papiloma virus (HPV) by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) programs need to be better assessed by these services. Objective: to compare the magnitude an the clinical/epidemicological characteristics of bearers of HPV condyloma, whith or whithout infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Methods: a survey was carried out, from 1998 to 2000, on the charts of patients from the ";Unidade Mista de Brasilia";, a reference center for STD/AIDS of the Department of Health, in Brasilia - Brazil, selecting those which were aware of their serological status for HIV. The variables gender, age, level of education, recurrence of the lesions and other STDs were analyzed. The statical test applied was ";chi-square"; with a confidence interval of 95%. Results: 444 out of 592 individuals analyzed were male, 16,9% of wich presented both HPV condyloma and HIV+. The age of group for higher risk of co-infection was that of 40 to 44 years of age, presenting a ratio of prevalence eight times higher than that of the group 20 to 24 years of age. The proportion of individuals whit HPV condyloma/HIV+ in both sexes diverged, being higher for women. The HIV+ individuals presented a higher frecuncy of recurrences and the lesser educated individuals presented a significantly higher risk to contract HPV condyloma. No statistical relevance was found in the comparison between STD bearers associated to HPV (clinical and sub-clinical) and/or HIV (+ or -). Conclusion: the prevalence of HPV condyloma and co-infection (HPV condyloma/HIV+) among users of STDs services is high, making it necessary to intensify surveillance, sys of information and the prevention of this disease.

Key words: Sexually Transmitted Disease, Human Papilloma Virus, acquired inmuno deficiency syndrom (AIDS), Condyloma Acuminatum.

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Author Biographies

Maria Do Socorro Evangelista Kusano, Universidad de Brasilia

Profesora Adjunto de la Universidad de Brasilia, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Departamiento de Enfermeria. 

Leonor de Lannoy Tavares, Unidad Mixta de Brasilia

Enfermera de la Unidad Mixta de Brasilia ,Referencia deETS/Sida del Distrito Federal

Maria Madalena Leidijany Costa Paz, Universidad de Brasilia

Alumna del 7º semestre del Curso de Enfermeria, Universidad de Brasilia



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Evangelista Kusano, M. D. S., de Lannoy Tavares, L., & Costa Paz, M. M. L. (2008). Comparative analysis among bearers of PVH CONDYLOMA, infected or non-infected by VIH virus, in a reference center for STD/AIDS in Brasilia-Brazil. Investigación Y Educación En Enfermería, 21(2).




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