Begining of old age

  • Maria Dos Anjos Pereira Lopes Universidade Nova de Lisboa


When I was struck by a painful experience I took advantage of this event of life to reflect and I achieved deeper selfunderstanding, better knowledge of the aging process and of the sick persons body nursing care.

This experience was framed as a preliminary in my Ph.D field-work and accordingly the use of self experience in qualitative research. Is a essential element to be considered.

In this autobiographical account I discuss in the topics of my reflection: my body spoke while I did not understand it; the interruption of phisycal activities likened sickness; the radiographies envelope as a symbol; the set of small nursing cares that conserve us alive, the security feeling provided by the hospital; the fear of death and the alterations in the body's image.

Key words: Image, Old Age, Nursing cares, Self, Qualitative Research.

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Author Biography

Maria Dos Anjos Pereira Lopes, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Professora Adjunta na Escola Superior de Enfermagem Maria Fernanda Resende, Lisboa. Mestre em Ciências de Enfermagem. Estudante de doutoramento em Ciências de Enfermagem, no Instituto de Ciências Bio-Médicas Abel Salazar-Porto.Investigadora na Unidade de Insvestigação Educação e Desenvolvimento da Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
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