Critical focus structuring nursing based on evidence


  • Alberto Gálvez Toro Universidad de Jaén, España



Actually there is discussion about the of a model of medicine based on evidence (M B E - for tis spanish acronym -) used for nurses in scientific evidence and quality if care. Nevertheless, there are some because the orthodox use if the principles orienting this movement are from all points of view, incopatible with some of the espistamological principles which are the foundation of nursing practice-humanism, intersubjectivity, qualitative, researchand so on-But in adiction M B E has the seal of rationalist thinking very close to the logical positivism, it states that knowledge is based on proof and denies any other valid from of knowledge, whish means, taking it literally, a reductionism in nursing.

The objective of this paper is to approach the M B E to nursing and to show that the model proposed by this movement, may and has to be interpreted with reflection and critic- and consequently one can structure nursing based on evidences, seeking batter quality of care and move satisfaction in patients and users of the health system, all these, of course, considering she cohesiveness of nursing. This focus may be a powerful instrument for the empowerment of nurses and to make visible its matapadigm. The paper revises the M B E, from its definition, origin and conceptual bases to its actual schema. Then, proposes a critical model adapted to nursing and the advantages obtained by nurses trough the scientific evidence.

Key Words:

Nursing based on evidence.

Medicine based on evidence.

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Author Biography

Alberto Gálvez Toro, Universidad de Jaén, España

Profesor del Departamento de Ciencias de la Salud. Área de Enfermería, Universidad  de Jaén, España. D. Enfermería,  D. fisoterapia, Especialista en Obstetricia y Ginecologia. Dirección: Paraje de las Lagunilla s/n, CP. 23071, Universidad de Jaén. Jaén, España, Correo electrónico:



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