Scientific Rigor, Ethics of Publications, and the Temptation of Predatory Journals

  • R. Mauricio Barría P RN, Ph.D. Director of the Nursing Institute, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Austral de Chile. (Chile). email:


Generation of knowledge is fundamental for progress in
different scientific disciplines and professions. Specifically,
in health sciences no adequate technical-professional
and disciplinary progress can be made if it is not as of
research, which, in many cases, has been destined and
confined to the academic setting. It is precisely in this
scenario that the idea of publishing has prevailed, has
been promoted, and required, which has pressured the
scientific and academic community in the search for this
objective, sometimes in a not very rigorous manner. (1)
According to the value assigned to scientific production
if not published, they are limited and restricted in their
hiring possibilities and academic promotions with the
added impossibility of opting for improved wages.

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