The "Invisible" in pregnant wome¨s experience*

  • Gladys Eugenia Canaval Universidad del Valle
  • Marta Cecilia Gonzalez Universidad del Valle
  • Maria Clara Tovar Universidad del Valle
  • Celmira Valencia Universidad del Valle


With the aim of understanding the lived experience of woman during the process of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, was developed this interpretative phenomenological study. The sample were 35 women chosen from those attened at health care centers in cali, Colombia. Data were collected through interviews. Themes related with the pregnancy, childbirth, healt care and ";postpartum"; emerged. They are: a. The pregnancy: Impact, feelings and the ";salvation table";, b. To give birth. c. The ecperience with health care services: feeling lonely and the contrasts, d. The postpartum: feelings and la dieta as paradox. The article presents some implications for practice, research and education.

Key Words:

Womens, Pregnancy, Phenomenology, Childbirth.

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Author Biographies

Gladys Eugenia Canaval, Universidad del Valle
Enfermera M.Sc., Ph.D, Profesora Titular; Universidad del Valle. Área del adulto y el anciano. Colombia.
Marta Cecilia Gonzalez, Universidad del Valle
Enfermera MSP., Ph.D. Profesora Titular de la Escuela de Enfermería, Universida del Valle Área del adulto y el anciano. Colombia.
Maria Clara Tovar, Universidad del Valle
Enfermera Obst. MSP., ph.D. Profesora Titular de la Escuela de Enfermería, Universida del Valle Área del niño y el adolescente. Colombia.
Celmira Valencia, Universidad del Valle
Enfermera Mg. Enf. S.M-Psq. Profesora Jubilada de la Escuela de Enfermería, Universidad del Valle. Área de psiquiatria y Salud Mental. Colombia.
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Canaval G. E., Gonzalez M. C., Tovar M. C., & Valencia C. (2008). The "Invisible" in pregnant wome¨s experience*. Investigación Y Educación En Enfermería, 21(2). Retrieved from