Chitosan/calcium phosphate coating obtained by electrodeposition on titanium alloy


  • Darío Yesid Peña Ballesteros Industrial University of Santander
  • Hugo Armando Estupiñán Durán Industrial University of Santander
  • Elcy María Córdoba Tutta Industrial University of Santander
  • Ricardo Martínez Industrial University of Santander
  • Custodio Vásquez Quintero Industrial University of Santander


hydroxyapatite (HA), chitosan, EIS, electrochemical, bioactive coatings


Calcium phosphate coatings in orthopedic implants Ti6AL4V are known to accelerate bone growth and improve the fixation of bone. Electrolytic deposition of bioactive compounds has provided greater advantages than the coatings obtained by conventional methods. The electrolytic method has facilitated the ability to add chitosan to the solution of calcium and phosphate ions and fix this compound, functionally and structurally. In this way, composites of calcium phosphate-chitosan on a substrate Ti6Al4V ELI has been obtained by cathodic electrodeposition, which are morphologically and chemically characterized by SEM-EDX, XRD and FTIR, showing the chemical structure and associations between calcium phosphate and chitosan. Furthermore, the impact of the current density, electrodeposition time and the concentration of chitosan solution on the polarization resistance of coated substrates obtained were evaluated by EIS. Equivalent circuits were used to model the physicochemical behavior of the coatings from an electrochemical view point.

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Author Biographies

Darío Yesid Peña Ballesteros, Industrial University of Santander

Corrosion Research Group.

Hugo Armando Estupiñán Durán, Industrial University of Santander

Corrosion Research Group.

Elcy María Córdoba Tutta, Industrial University of Santander

Corrosion Research Group.

Ricardo Martínez, Industrial University of Santander

Corrosion Research Group.

Custodio Vásquez Quintero, Industrial University of Santander

Corrosion Research Group.


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Peña Ballesteros, D. Y., Estupiñán Durán, H. A., Córdoba Tutta, E. M., Martínez, R., & Vásquez Quintero, C. (2010). Chitosan/calcium phosphate coating obtained by electrodeposition on titanium alloy. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (54), 15–23. Retrieved from

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