Characterization of polyurethane-urea/montmorillonite nanocomposites using XRD and μ-Raman


  • Alneira Cuéllar Burgos National University of Colombia
  • Fabio Augusto Mesa Rueda National University of Colombia
  • Carlos Vargas Hernández National University of Colombia
  • Jairo Ernesto Perilla Perilla National University of Colombia


raman, polyurethane-urea, clay, montmorillonite, nanocomposite


In this paper, we used a copolymer of polyurethane urea (PUU) and modified montmorillonite (MMT) to obtain its corresponding nanocomposite. The modified silicate was exfoliated in the PUU matrix using an intercalation technique for solution and subsequently characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and μ-Raman spectroscopy. With micro-Ramanspectroscopy characteristic modes of both the modified clay and the PUUwere identified. The most important ones in the modified clay were two intense peaks located at 2.850 and 2.884cm-1 for the vibrational mode of -CH2- group. The 800-600 cm-1 vibrational modes corresponding to Si-O-Si connected to the SiO4tetrahedron and it is the vibrational mode of control of clay located around 707cm-1. PUU modes could be identified and associated with the bands at 1.640 and 1.716 cm-1 carbonyl group of urea and urethane respectively.

The nanocomposite changes were observed in the intensity of the vibrational modes of the ether group symmetric and asymmetric (912 cm-1 and 1.200 cm-1), by incorporation of clay in these phases. By XRD it was determined that the modified clay presented an exfoliation morphology within an amorphous matrix.

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Author Biographies

Alneira Cuéllar Burgos, National University of Colombia

Department of Chemical Engineering.

Fabio Augusto Mesa Rueda, National University of Colombia

Department of Chemical Engineering.

Carlos Vargas Hernández, National University of Colombia

Laboratory of Optical Properties of Materials (POM).

Jairo Ernesto Perilla Perilla, National University of Colombia

Department of Chemical Engineering.


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Cuéllar Burgos, A., Mesa Rueda, F. A., Vargas Hernández, C., & Perilla Perilla, J. E. (2010). Characterization of polyurethane-urea/montmorillonite nanocomposites using XRD and μ-Raman. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (54), 57–64. Retrieved from

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