Study of industrial robots as assistants in laparoscopic surgeries


  • Bernardo Efraín Garcés Universidad del Cauca
  • Oscar Gabriel Mora Universidad del Cauca
  • Oscar Andrés Vivas Universidad del Cauca


medical robots, surgical robots, laparoscopic surgeries


This article presents a study about the use of industrial robots as assistants in laparoscopic surgeries. An analysis of laparoscopic surgical method and this procedure assisted by robots is presented. The problem of passing through the hole abdominal where surgical instruments are inserted is enligthed. This problem is solved through an optimization algorithm that yields the trajectories to be followed by elbow and wrist joint of an anthropomorphic robot. Two industrial robots (Puma of Unimation and PA10 of Mitsubishi) are studied and their respective simulated performances as potential assistants in such surgeries are discussed.

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Author Biographies

Bernardo Efraín Garcés, Universidad del Cauca

Grupo de Automática Industrial

Oscar Gabriel Mora, Universidad del Cauca

Grupo de Automática Industrial

Oscar Andrés Vivas, Universidad del Cauca

Grupo de Automática Industrial


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