Two-electron energy levels in coupled nano-rings: the hydrostatic pressure and magnetic field effects


  • Marlon Rincón-Fulla Pascual Bravo University
  • Jairo Humberto Marín-Cadavid National University of Colombia
  • Yoder Alberto Suaza National University of Colombia



two electrons, vertically coupled quantum rings, energy spectrum, hydrostatic pressure


The  energy  spectrum  of  two  electrons  spatially  separated  in  two  vertically  coupled  quantum  rings  under  hydrostatic  pressure  and  magnetic  field  is calculated.  In  order  to  study  the  two-electron  properties,  the  adiabatic  approximation  is  used  by  considering  quantum  rings  with  square  cross-sections. The changes of the energy level-ordering and the crossover among the curves as a function of radii and ring-ring separation as well as the hydrostatic pressure and magnetic field are discussed. The effects related to the geometry of the rings as well as the external fields on the crystal Wigner formation are analyzed. Additionally, it is checked that the present results are in good agreement with those previously obtained for the limit cases corresponding to zero ring-ring separation and rings of equal center line radius.

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Author Biographies

Marlon Rincón-Fulla, Pascual Bravo University

Faculty of Engineering, teacher.

Jairo Humberto Marín-Cadavid, National University of Colombia

Physical school.

Yoder Alberto Suaza, National University of Colombia

Physical School.


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Rincón-Fulla, M., Marín-Cadavid, J. H., & Suaza, Y. A. (2014). Two-electron energy levels in coupled nano-rings: the hydrostatic pressure and magnetic field effects. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (73), 166–175.

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