Characteristics of vehicle routing for food distribution in Aburra’s Valley


  • Andres Felipe Correa Universidad de Antioquia
  • Héctor Manuel Gómez Universidad de Antioquia
  • Jhon Fredy Loaiza Universidad de Antioquia
  • Diana Catalina Lopera Universidad de Antioquia
  • Juan Guillermo Villegas Universidad de Antioquia


Vehicle routing, logistics, distribution


This paper reports the results of a survey of vehicle routing decisions of food industries located in Aburra’s Valle (Colombia). The survey includes the elements of the vehicle routing process: type of decisions, special constraints, goals, tools, advantages and disadvantages of the methods currently in use. Finally, some opportunities to improve the distribution process are identified.

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Author Biographies

Andres Felipe Correa, Universidad de Antioquia

Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial

Héctor Manuel Gómez, Universidad de Antioquia

Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial

Jhon Fredy Loaiza, Universidad de Antioquia

Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial

Diana Catalina Lopera, Universidad de Antioquia

Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial

Juan Guillermo Villegas, Universidad de Antioquia

Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial


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