Modelling and simulation of multi spindle drilling redundant SCARA robot using SolidWorks and MATLAB/SimMechanics


  • Saravana Mohan Mariappan Velammal College of Engineering and Technology
  • Anbumalar Veerabathiran Velammal College of Engineering and Technology



SCARA, multi spindle drilling tool, SolidWorks, MATLAB/SimMechanics, Dynamic study, Simulation, mechanics explorer


The robots are electromechanical systems that need Mechatronic approach before manufacturing to reduce the development cost. In this paper, the Modelling of the PRRP(Prismatic Revolute Revolute Prismatic) configuration redundant SCARA robot with a Multi spindle drilling tool (MSDT) using SolidWorks CAD software and the dynamic study with the aid of MATLAB/SimMechanics is presented. The SCARA with MSDT is used to drill holes in the printed circuit boards (PCBs) and sheet metal. The SolidWorks CAD model of redundant SCARA with MSDT is converted into SimMechanics block diagram by exporting the 3D CAD model to the MATLAB/SimMechanics second generation technology environment. The motion sensing capability of the SimMechanics is used for determining the dynamic parameters of the manipulators. The SimMechanics block diagrams and the result of the dynamic study is presented in this paper, infers that the structure of the robot can be changed to get the required dynamic parameters.

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Author Biographies

Saravana Mohan Mariappan, Velammal College of Engineering and Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Assistent Professor

Anbumalar Veerabathiran, Velammal College of Engineering and Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering



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