Iron based coatings deposited by arc thermal spray




Arc thermal spray, Coatings, Wear resistance


In this paper, the results of wear resistance and hardness of iron alloy coatings applied  by  the  method  of  arc  thermal  spray  on  substrates  of  steel  AISI-SAE  4340  at  room  temperature,  are  presented.  The  coatings  were  performed  using  three  different  types  of  wires:  Castolin  Eutectic:  530AS,  560AS  y  140MXC  deposited  as  single  layers  (one  element)  and  bilayers  of  the  type  530AS/140MXC  and  560AS/140MXC,  with  different  thicknesses.  The  coatings  were  characterized  by  X-Ray  Diffraction  (XRD),  Energy-dispersive  X-ray  spectroscopy  (EDS),  Nano  hardness  and  wear  resistance  determined  by  the  Pin  on  Disk  technique. The coatings obtained were highly inhomogeneous. The best wear behavior was found in the single layers of 140 MXC and bilayers 530AS/140MXC and 560AS/140MXC and it was generally thickness independent.

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Author Biographies

Maritza Patiño-Infante, National University of Colombia

Research Group Failure, Integrity and Surface Analysis (AFIS), Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering.

Alvaro Mariño-Camargo, National University of Colombia

Superconductivity and New Materials Research Group (GSNM), Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences.


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