Refractive index desensitized optical fiber temperature sensor




Fiber optic, Temperature sensor, Michelson interferometer, Refractive index desensitized


An in-line fiber-optic sensor for temperature measurements in environments prone to refractive indices changes is presented. The sensing probe is composed of a single-mode/single-mode optical fiber, arranged in an interferometric configuration. This interferometer was coated by the sputtering technique using gold. The temperature measurement was carried out by monitoring the shift of the interference pattern as surrounding temperature rose. It was found that the interference pattern was sensitive to temperature but was not affected by changes in the refractive index of the external medium. This behavior broadens the range of environments in which the sensor can be deployed.

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Author Biographies

Yamile Cardona-Maya, National University of Colombia

School of Physics. Photonics & Optoelectronics.

Juan Fernando Botero-Cadavid, National University of Colombia

School of Physics.


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