Compocasting of the ZA-27 alloy, reinforced with SiC particles


  • Hader Vladimir Martínez Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
  • Marco Fidel Valencia Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia
  • Farid Chejne Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Javier Cruz Universidad Nacional de Colombia



compocasting, ZA-27, SiC, composite materials


Results obtained during the synthesis of ZA-27/B-SiC/xxp metal matrix composites are reported. These results are in line with other works conducted by the authors on ZA-27/C/xxp, Pb-Sn20%wt/SiC/xxp and Al-Cu8%wt/SiC/xxp. There are many kinds of commercially-available reinforcement particles. Nevertheless, for this research β-SiC particles obtained from wastes of rice husk have been used. The technique employed for fabrication of composites was Compocasting. It consisted on the design and construction of an experimental rheocaster, useful for semi-solid as well as particulate metal matrix composites processing. The characterization by mechanical tests and optical microscopy and comparison with the base alloy, allowed validation of the effects of different process variables and improvements in mechanical properties.

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Author Biographies

Hader Vladimir Martínez, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana


Farid Chejne, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Instituto de Energía, Facultad de Minas

Javier Cruz, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Instituto de Energía, Facultad de Minas


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Martínez, H. V., Valencia, M. F., Chejne, F., & Cruz, J. . (2006). Compocasting of the ZA-27 alloy, reinforced with SiC particles. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (37), 50–58.

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