Simulation of melting process and net diagrams for the Cupola Furnace of the University of Antioquia


  • Ricardo Emilio Aristizábal Sierra Universidad de Antioquia


cupola furnace, net diagrams of Jungbluth, simulation of melting process


The best values of the adjustable parameters of the AFS Cupola Model for modeling the cupola furnace of University of Antioquia were obtained form experimental data. Generalized net diagrams were simulated and developed for this unit. Profiles of temperature, gas phase concentrations and carbon content in the metal were obtained. The net diagrams include the basic generalized net diagram, with ambient temperature blasting and without oxygen enrichment. In addition, the behavior of production and temperature of metal at the tap hole under preheated blasting and oxygen enrichment was analyzed. This analysis allowed us to demonstrate the advantages of working under those conditions. The value of the parameters used to adjust the software was in agreement with their inherent physical meaning. Moreover, the software predictions (E.G, profiles and the diagram) agree with the experimental observations. The possibility to build net diagrams for other cupola with the same procedure highlighted.

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Author Biography

Ricardo Emilio Aristizábal Sierra, Universidad de Antioquia

Grupo de Investigaciones Pirometalúrgicas y de Materiales —GIPIMME—, Facultad de Ingeniería, Departamento de Ingeniería de Materiales. 


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