Distributed Optimal Control for Distribution Systems with Microgrids





Microgrids, Optimal power flow, Distributed optimisation, Consensus innovation


The growing consumption of electricity as well as the progressive development of new technologies implies that the power system is increasingly automated with the purpose of having a more efficient and economical operation. This development drives the system to a Smart Grid, a large-scale cyber-physical network covering different energy generation technologies, storage and communications enabling real-time information exchange and control. In this work, we present an optimal distributed control based on the consensus+innovation technique, where each agent of the network obtains information from its neighbours. Simulations on a microgrid system based on an IEEE 14-Bus reference system demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach. Convergence is observed in the microgrid system under different scenarios in the physical and communications network.

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Author Biographies

Melissa Ospina-Quiroga, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Magister, Industrial Automation Engineering

Eduardo Mojica-Nava, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

PhD, Automatic Control


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