Correlation between gene expression pro les in muscle and live weight in Dzhalginsky Merino sheep


  • Valentin Skripkin Stavropol State Agrarian University
  • Andrey Kvochko Stavropol State Agrarian University
  • Alexander Kulichenko Stavropol State Agrarian University
  • Dmitry Kovalev Stavropol Research Anti-plague Institute
  • Sergey Pisarenko Stavropol Research Anti-plague Institute
  • Anna Volynkina Stavropol Research Anti-plague Institute
  • Marina Selionova All-Russian Research Institute of Sheep and Goat Breeding
  • Magomet Aybazov Stavropol Research Anti-plague Institute
  • Alexander Krivoruchko Faculty of Veterinary medicine, Stavropol State Agrarian University



growth traits, marker assisted selection (MAS, microarray analysis, transcription


 marker assisted selection methods of sheep require the identification of genes that positively and negatively affect meat quality. Genes with high expression levels could have the greatest impact on growth and structure of muscle fibers. Objective: this study evaluated the expression of genes in the loin muscle of Dzhalginsky Merino sheep. Methods: reverse transcription-quantitative real-time PCR (RT-qPCR) was used to investigate the expression of 48 genes in the loin muscle of Dzhalginsky Merino sheep bred in Russia. Results: genes GAPDH, PYGM, CAST, ATP5G1, CAPN3, SOD1, VEGFA, CALM2, YWHAZ, ASIP, MYOD1, CAPN1, GHR, OXTR, BEGAIN, SLC2A3, and SS18L2 showed the highest expression. The group of genes with a medium level of expression included ATOX1, BAMBI, TLR6, IGF2, FOS, FST, GGTA2P, C-MET, FGF5, ACVR2A, CAPN2, GH, DGAT1, and IGF1. Low levels of expression were identified for genes ABCG2, SPP2, PYGL, PPARG2, TGFB1, CXCR4, MSTN, CYP2J, LEPR, CDKN1A, IGFBP4, and SERT. Trace expression was detected in genes SST, TSHR, GDF9, FGF7 and BMP15. Significant correlation between expression level and live weight was observed for most of the investigated genes. Conclusion: our results demonstrate the feasibility of using these newly identified candidate genes as genetic markers in sheep.

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Skripkin, V., Kvochko, A., Kulichenko, A., Kovalev, D., Pisarenko, S., Volynkina, A., Selionova, M., Aybazov, M., & Krivoruchko, A. (2016). Correlation between gene expression pro les in muscle and live weight in Dzhalginsky Merino sheep. Revista Colombiana De Ciencias Pecuarias, 29(3), 188–198.



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