For reviewers

Peer Review Process

  1. Initial acceptance to start the review process: the section editor reviews the submitted manuscripts. The editor evaluates if the paper fits the scope of RCCP and complies with the journal style and form.
  2. Original research and review papers are forwarded to at least three experts in the field to assess its quality, accuracy, and novelty. Most peer reviewers are external to Universidad de Antioquia. They suggest approval, rejection and send back the paper to the editor with recommendations for improvements.
  3. Amendments: the editor passes the paper, along with the comments, back to the author for first amendments. Authors should return the amended manuscript to the journal within 30 days. If there are missing amendments, the editor will return again the manuscript to be completed by the authors (second amendments).
  4. Anonymity: to ensure impartiality, the review process in RCCP is double blind (the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers, and the authors remain anonymous). All stages of the process are independent and the referees do not consult with each other, nor are they aware of each other’s identity.

Manual for Reviewers (How to review)

Manual para Revisores (Cómo realizar la revisión)