Aristotelian Theory of Responsability


  • Francisco Bravo Vivar Universidad Central de Venezuela



Willfidness, responsibility, force, jgnorance, election


One of the main effor is of Arístatelian Ethics is the evaluation of human actions and passions. In order to be virtuous, they ought to be praiseworthy, that is to say, they must deserve the praise of the community to which the agent belongs. Now, in order to be praiseworthy, they oughs to be volumary and responsible. Are the conditions of responsibiiiiy those of willfulness? I believe that for Aristotle, willfulness is only the first condition of responsibdity. The other condition, as essential and explicit as the first one, is election. I then analyse the conditions of each. poiniting out what the conditions of election add so the conditions of willfulness, mainly in Necornachean Ethics III. 1-5 and Vi. 1-4, but also in Eudernian Ethics. Aristotle develops then while discussing the foregoing Greek Ethics, especially the Ethics of his Master

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Author Biography

Francisco Bravo Vivar, Universidad Central de Venezuela

Universidad Central de Venezuela


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