Poetics of the work of José Manuel Arango


  • Emma Lucía Ardila de Gutiérrez Universidad Eafit




José Manuel Arango, philosophy, poetry, art, artist, Truth, literature


This paper has as its starting point the poetry of José Manuel Arango. Given the Philosophical education of the poet, there is a search in his Works of a reflection on the fundamental questions regarding the Human Being, questions to which Philosophy has tried to provide an answer since Antiquity, such as, what an the ideas of Man, World, and existence that one can find in his poetry. This is done in order to build a bridge between Philosophy and Literature Derived from Literature, and no less important, is an aesthetical reflection that lies there, his concept of Art, Artist, and porticularly Poetry. And both questions tended to a common goal finding the possibility of truth in his works

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Author Biography

Emma Lucía Ardila de Gutiérrez, Universidad Eafit

Universidad Eafit


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Ardila de Gutiérrez, E. L. (2006). Poetics of the work of José Manuel Arango. Estudios De Filosofía, (33), 143–159. https://doi.org/10.17533/udea.ef.12829



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