Doctrinal and phenomenological opening frames. Routes of Kantian exploration


  • Ezra Heymann Universidad Central de Venezuela



Kant, phenomenology, philosophy, work of art, reason, transcendental deduction.


The article is a reflection that presupposes a long journey with Kant’s texts; it provides guidance for reading the philosophical work. First by attending to its incompleteness, as it is part of its nature that we continue to reflect on the problems that it addresses. In the specific case of Kant’s philosophy, it emphasizes the versatility of its fundamental concepts as well as their worldliness.

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Author Biography

Ezra Heymann, Universidad Central de Venezuela

Departamento de Filosofía Teorética
Facultad de Humanidades y Educación
Universidad Central de Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela


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Heymann, E. (2014). Doctrinal and phenomenological opening frames. Routes of Kantian exploration. Estudios De Filosofía, (49), 87–102.



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