Starvation suicide between some greek philosophers: an epojé kairótica

  • Rubén Soto Rivera Universidad de Puerto Rico
Keywords: Suicide, starvation, epojé.


Througtout the history of ancient Greek philosophy there were several thinkers who, having gotten enough older, decided to commit suicide by starvation. Democritus, Anaxagoras, Zeno of Citium. Cleanthes, Díonysius. Demonax are the philosophers who thouglu their old age was the ríght time (Kairós) to pass away. This kind of suicide could be thought of as a misreading of the sceptics' teaching on epojé ("suspension ofjudgement ''). The Stoics seem to have done so. On the basis of Cleanthes. Dionysius and Demonax 's suicides, the author of thís essay thinks that there could be an ideological and hidden link between how to know the right time to, for example, commit suicide and the suspending of judgement proposed, for instance, by Arcesilas of Pitane.

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