Effectiveness of Resiliency and Recovery Program on Compassion Fatigue among Nursing Officers working in selected Hospitals in India


  • Betsy Sara Zacharias
  • Sheela Upendra




burn out, professional, compassion fatigue, nurses


Objective. The study objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of Resiliency and Recovery Program on Compassion Fatigue level of Nursing Officer from selected hospitals of Pune City (India).

Methods. The study used a quasi-experimental approach involving single group pre-test and post-test design. 100 nursing officers, working in selected hospitals of Pune city, who were willing to participate were selected using non probability convenience sampling. The data was collected using The Professional Quality of Life Scale: Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue (ProQoL) Version 5 of Stamm. The study included pre-test, resiliency and recovery program and post-test. Resiliency and Recovery Program is an intervention aiming to develop five resiliency skills or antibodies including (a) self-regulation, (b) perceptual maturation, (c) intentionality, (d) self-care and (e) connection and support.

Results. Statistically significant difference was revealed between the pre-test and post-test score means: Compassion Satisfaction (pre-test = 28.50 to post-test = 31.0; t-18.6671, p<0.001), Burn-out (pre-test = 35.2 to post-test = 31.7; t-15.00, p<0.001), and Secondary Traumatic Stress (pre-test = 37.4 to post-test = 33.07; t-14.8996, p<0.001).

Conclusion. Resiliency and Recovery Program had a significant impact on Compassion Fatigue, leading to an increase in Compassion Satisfaction, and a reduction in Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress. Inculcating Resiliency skills in nursing officers can help them in reducing compassion fatigue and thus aids in health promotion.

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