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Revista Facultad de Ingeniería -redin- has just published its latest issue (Issue 96 Jul-Sept 2020) at   We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles and items of interest.    Table of contents
Spectral signature of brown rust and orange rust in sugarcane Jorge Luís Soca-Muñoz, Eniel Rodríguez-Machado, Osmany Aday-Díaz, Luis Hernández-Santana, Rubén Orozco-Morales  
  Potential infiltration and morphometry in the Arroyo Grande basin, Sucre Colombia Felix Antonio Dominguez-Pérez, Teobaldis Mercado-Fernández  
  Effect of the viscous damping on the seismic response of Low-rise RC frame building Fatima Zohra Baba-Hamed, Luc Davenne  
  Attraction and repulsion forces in melt-textured and sintered YBCO-superconductors: a comparative study Diego Andrés Arias-Arana, Juan Diego Rojas-Zambrano, Álvaro Mariño-Camargo  
  The solid waste in Colombia analyzed via gross domestic product: towards a sustainable economy Henry Alonso Colorado-Lopera, Gloria Inés Echeverri-Lopera  
  Redesign of a water quantity, quality, and sediment-monitoring network in a tropical region Jorge Julian Velez-Upegui, Adela Londoño-Carvajal, Maria Valentina Solorzano-Gómez, Jaime Ignacio Vélez-Upegui, Verónica Botero-Fernández  
  Cr(VI) biosorption: Effect of temperature, particle size and bed height Candelaria Nahir Tejada-Tovar, Angel Villabona-Ortíz, Rodrigo Ortega Toro  
  Hotspots, daily cycles and average daily dose of PM2.5 in a cycling route in Medellin Alejandro Builes-Jaramillo, Julián Gómez-Bedoya, Stephania Lopera-Uribe, Valeria Fajardo-Castaño  
  Study of the lateral vibration in a multistage rotor Carlos Yesid Mendivelso-Duarte, Nelson Arzola de la Peña, Wilmer Cruz-Guayacundo  
  A model for collection of Waste Electrical and Electronical Equipment in Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga Javier Arias-Osorio, Ruben Darío Ríos-Mercado, Ingrid Dayanna Tamayo-Morantes