Structural analysis of the natural clinker-based analcime (NC-ANA) by X-ray powder diffraction and solid-state 29Si and 27al nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy


  • Mario Alberto Macías-López Universidad Industrial de Santander
  • José Antonio Henao-Martínez Universidad Industrial de Santander
  • Carlos Alberto Ríos-Reyes Universidad Industrial de Santander


analcime, framework, natural clinker, Rieltveld method, NMR spectroscopy


The natural clinker-based analcime (NC-ANA) framework was synthesized by the conventional hydrothermal alkaline activation method. The synthesized zeotype was characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) analysis and solid-state 29Si and 27Al nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. XRPD data indicate that the NC-ANA zeotype framework crystallized in the rhombohedral space group R-3, with unit cell parameters a = 11,8995(6) Å, α = 109,472(2)°, V = 1.300,69(1) Å3, Z = 8. 29Si NMR data reveal a number of resonance lines, with a full width at half height typically less than 2 ppm. The attribution of NMR lines to Qn groups was done by considering the stoichiometry and crystallographic data of the NC-ANA.
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