A ripple-mitigating pre-amplifier based on interleaved DC-DC boost converters for efficiency improvement


  • Eliana Arango Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Carlos Ramos-Paja Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Carlos Carrejo LAAS-CNRS
  • Roberto Giral Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Andres Saavedra-Montes Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Pre-Amplifier, interleaved converters, efficiency improvement, ripple mitigation


An efficient pre-amplifier based on interleaved DC-DC boost switching converters to mitigate high-frequency harmonics injection to power sources is proposed. The main features of the pre-amplifier are mitigate the ripple of power converters input-current and improving the efficiency of the whole power conversion chain. The pre-amplifier optimal operating conditions are calculated, and the circuit is modeled and controlled to operate in such conditions. The pre-amplifier interacting with a classical single boost is analyzed, obtaining a strong reduction in the current ripple injected to the source, and also improving the efficiency of the initial conversion system. Finally, the theoretical analyses are confirmed by means of circuital PSIM simulations and experimental results.
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