Design, modeling, control and implementation of a fuel cell generation system


  • Carlos Andrés Ramos-Paja National University of Colombia
  • Andrés Julián Saavedra-Montes National University of Colombia
  • Roberto Giral Rovira i Virgili University
  • Julián David Vega-Hincapié National University of Colombia
  • Ramón Armando Rios-Angel National University of Colombia



fuel cell, DC/DC switching power converter, safe operation conditions


This paper proposes analytical expressions to support the design, modeling, control, and implementation of a fuel cell generation system based on power electronics. The system has been designed to ensure safe operating conditions for the fuel cell. The system protection constraints have been obtained by analyzing a detailed fuel cell model. The paper also proposes analytical expressions for designing a DC bus and its regulation system, which have been designed to ensure a voltage deviation between performance limits defined by the application. Finally, the analytical expressions, design procedures and control strategies have been implemented and experimentally validated interacting with the 1.2 kW NEXA Power Module, which is representative of the state of the art in fuel cell prototypes.

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Ramos-Paja, C. A., Saavedra-Montes, A. J., Giral, R., Vega-Hincapié, J. D., & Rios-Angel, R. A. (2012). Design, modeling, control and implementation of a fuel cell generation system. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (59), 9–22.

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