On the implementation of adaptive multiresolution spectral WENO scheme for the multiclass Lighthill-Whitham-Richards traffic model



Adaptive multiresolution, Lighthill-Whitham-Richards kinematic traffic model, WENO schemes, conservation laws


In this paper, the implementation of a spectral or characteristic-based fifth order  WENO  (Weighted  Essentially  Non-Oscillatory)  scheme  is  described  in  detail  along  with  an  adaptive  multiresolution  technique  for  efficiently computing  the  numerical  solution  of  a  multi-class  traffic  flow  model described mathematically by a nonlinear system of conservation laws. In [1] the  authors  considered  the  same  problem  but  in  a  component-wise  manner.    More recently, [2] conducted numerical experiments by using characteristic-based schemes combined with AMR (Adaptive Mesh Refinement) strategy.

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Author Biographies

Carlos Arturo Vega-Fuentes, Universidad del Norte

Full-time Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Basic Sciences Division

Edwin Bolaño-Benítez, Universidad del Norte

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Division of Basic Sciences


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