Evaluation of the galvanic corrosion of high copper dental amalgams by means of electrochemical techniques


  • Patricia Castaño-Rivera Universidad de Antioquia
  • Alejandro Echavarría-Velásquez Universidad de Antioquia
  • Gabriel Jaime Gómez Universidad de Antioquia
  • Jorge Arismendi Universidad de Antioquia


dental amalgam, corrosion, galvanic corrosion


The galvanic interaction between three high copper dental amalgams with another four dental metallic materials, was evaluated. The dental amalgams were: a national Nu Alloy®dp (New Stetic) and two imported Contour®TM (Kerr, USA) and GS-80® (SDI, Australia). The dental metallic materials were: Titanium CP, Ti-6Al-4V type COC®, IPS d.sign 15® (Ni-Cr-Mo) and IPS d.sign 91® (Au-Pd). The evolution of the galvanic currents with time was measured using a Zero Resistance Ammeter equipment. The dental amalgams were characterized by means of Polarization Cyclical Measurements, and the evolution of the open circuit potentials of the dental amalgams allowed analyzing the nobility or activity of the amalgams in the test mean. The tests were done by triplicate in a three electrode cell and using the artificial physiological solution of Ringer as the electrolyte, the solution was deaerated at 37 ± 1°C. Under the test conditions, it is concluded that the home amalgam has the same tendency to undergo galvanic corrosion as comparison to imported amalgams. Using statistical ANOVA method of a single via it was corroborated the same electrochemical behavior of dental amalgams.

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