Dynamic WDM-TDM Access Networks Featuring Wired-Wireless Convergence





convergence, dynamic architecture, passive optical network, apacity upgrade


Growth in the use of devices with Internet access and migration of telecommunications to IP technology have made the bandwidth demanded by users appear for the first time in a long time a limited resource. Optical fiber is demonstrating to be the solution to this issue based on the capability to provide enough bandwidth to manage large volumes of data at high speed featuring low loss transmission. Passive optical networks (PON) are presented as an alternative with respect to conventional copper-based access networks due to the use of distribution passive elements, which have a lower maintenance cost as compared to its active counterpart. In addition, the optical fiber capacity provides a future-proof platform to support the forthcoming bandwidth requested in the access segment. This paper presents and demonstrates through practical and simulation data analysis a proposal for next generation PON based on Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Wavelength Division Multiple Access (WDM). Complying with a typical PON power budget, the architecture envisages dynamic wavelength allocation and converged transport of wired and wireless services on an unified optical platform architecture.

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Author Biographies

Elkin Fabián Aguas-Martínez, University Francisco Jose de Caldas

Engineering Division. Laboratory of Microwave Engineering, Electromagnetism and Radiation (LIMER), Faculty of Engineering.

Gustavo Adolfo Puerto-Leguizamón, University Francisco Jose de Caldas

Teacher. Laboratory of Microwave Engineering, Electromagnetism and Radiation (LIMER), Faculty of Engineering.

Carlos Arturo Suárez-Fajardo, University Francisco Jose de Caldas

Laboratory of Microwave Engineering, Electromagnetism and Radiation (LIMER), Faculty of Engineering.


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Aguas-Martínez, E. F., Puerto-Leguizamón, G. A., & Suárez-Fajardo, C. A. (2016). Dynamic WDM-TDM Access Networks Featuring Wired-Wireless Convergence. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (78), 105–111. https://doi.org/10.17533/udea.redin.n78a14

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