Experimental and numerical evaluation of resilience and toughness in AISI 1015 steel welded plates





metallurgy, numerical analysis, test


The mechanical characterization of the engineering materials is always a topic of interest to engineers and researchers. The objective of this work is to study the butt welded joint resilience and toughness by means of the tensile test and the numerical simulation. The specimens were fabricated by welding two plates of AISI 1015 steel with an E6013 electrode. An algorithm of the numerical integration based on the trapezoid method that allowed calculating the resilience and toughness as the area under the stress - strain curve was implemented. The algorithm was validated by comparing the numerical results of the resilience with those obtained by the analytical method. The results show that the resilience and the toughness values computed with the experimental stress - strain curve, they have correspondence with the same values calculated with the numerical simulation.

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Author Biographies

Pavel Michel Zaldivar-Almaguer, University of Holguin

Professor and researcher. Faculty of Engineering. CAD/CAM Study Center.

Roberto Andrés Estrada-Cingualbres, University of Holguin

Professor and researcher. Faculty of Engineering. CAD/CAM Study Center.

Roberto Pérez-Rodríguez, University of Holguín

Professor and researcher. Faculty of Engineering. CAD/CAM Study Center.

Arturo Molina-Gutiérrez, Technological Institute of Monterrey

Professor, researcher and Vice-rector for Research and Technology Transfer.


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