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When a researcher is devoted to a specific interest, an essential part of his strategy as a scientist is to influence with his own knowledge the core of international researchers within the field. In fact, in each specialty there are concentric nuclei of larger (international), intermediate (national), and small (regional) influence in the scientific orientation of a certain area of knowledge. This is the reason for the existence of scientific journals: the open and free discussion of experimental findings, hypotheses and theories, not only from Experimental Sciences but also from Social Sciences and Humanities [1].

Before focusing on scientific journals, it is necessary to elucidate the fundamental difference between scientific and academic journals. The first is a trusted communication channel of a broad, international and in some cases interdisciplinary scientific community; and the second represents the advances of an academic community, sometimes only publishing the research of a particular institution. This difference allows us to better understand the demands of quality and rigor of a scientific journal.

Another definition of Scientific Journal could be a periodical publication, whose object is the scientific communication that results in the advancement of science, normally publishing novel investigations that have been evaluated and verified through a peer review process. The journals involve the scientific method since it is an essential part in their last phase: communication and publication of results [2].

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Maryory Astrid Gómez-Botero, Universidad de Antioquia

Editor-in-Chief, Revista Facultad de Ingeniería, Professor-Universidad de Antioquia


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