Design and simulation of mechanical press for testing of coining tools with nanostructured coatings




CAD modeling, FEA analysis, mechanical design, testing press, nanostructured coating


The present study proposes the design, simulation, and finite element analysis (FEA) of a mechanical press to test coining tools that contain nanostructured coatings. The designed mechanical testing press has a nominal force capacity of 800 kN with a ram stroke of 100 mm. CAD modeling of components, assemblies, and press structure is developed. The validation of the safety factor of the stress of the press is implemented by FEA analysis. Axisymmetric 2D FEA simulation is applied to determine the nanostructured coating behavior when subjected to high loads, the results are promising for future simulation studies on coatings. A displacement mechanism was designed for the test sheet, offering versatility and a variety of options for testing the coining tools as often as necessary under different load conditions. The final results of the machine operation simulation are satisfactory.

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Author Biographies

Johan Andrés Galán-Avila, Universidad ECCI

Mechanical engineering

Diego Fernando Avendaño-Rodríguez, Fundación Universidad de América

 Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Daniel Eduardo Villalobos-Correa, Universidad ECCI

Associate professor, Mechanical Engineering


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