• Andrés Adolfo Navarro-Newball Pontificia Universidad Javeriana https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4231-8661
  • Julián David Arias Londoño Universidad de Antioquia
Keywords: Editorial


Over the last few years, the Latin American (LA) region, as the rest of the world, has experienced an exponential increase in the number of specialized conferences held by academic and professional organizations where multiple works of high relevance for local and international academic communities are being exposed [1]. Aware of those increasingly active research dynamics in the region, and as part of the recent changes in the publishing politics of Redin, which aim to increase the visibility and impact of the research and investigations published by the journal, the editorial committee of Redin has decided to accept the publication of extended versions of high quality conference papers in order to promote a greater dissemination of those works to a larger audience

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Author Biographies

Andrés Adolfo Navarro-Newball, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Department of Electronic and Computer Science.

Julián David Arias Londoño, Universidad de Antioquia

Associate Professor, Section Editor


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