Inspiration and Knowledge in Homer and in Plato's Ion


  • Giselle Monique von der Walde Uribe Universidad de los Andes



Greek philosophy, Plato, poetics, literary theory


In the Preplatonic Tradition poets have a certain inspiration, a certain gift that allows them to acquire certain kind of knowledge which is provided to them by the Muses, but they also posess a technique that enables them to pass that knowledge to their audience. In Ion, Plato approaches the problem of the relation between Inspiration and Téchne in Poetry, and he concludes that they cannot go together. This paper analyzes passages of Homer where his own Poetics surfaces, with the purpose of seeing the origins of the tradition that unites Inspiration and Téchne, and then to examine why Plato doesn‘t accept it. and the consequences that this position has on the valuation of Literary Creations.

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Author Biography

Giselle Monique von der Walde Uribe, Universidad de los Andes

Universidad de los Andes


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