Is it legitimate to rebel against a democracy?


  • Alfonso Monsalve Solórzano Universidad de Antioquia



Habermas, Marx, democracy, legitimacy, rebellion, sovereignty


The concept of 'legitimacy' that Weber introduces has to do with the degree of acceptance that the governed confer on their governors. Philosophers, such as Habermas, have answered this conception by pointing out that the acceptance must be framed in a normative system that guarantees the rights in use of that community and stipulates the rules that the ruler must comply with to access the exercise of government. It can be argued whether Weber's conception is as described by Habermas or whether it accounts for the aspects indicated here. But the fact is that the concept of 'legitimacy' is dissociated, then, into two: legitimacy of origin (acceptability) and functional legitimacy (the object of the exercise of power and the way it is accessed). [Fragment]

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Alfonso Monsalve Solórzano, Universidad de Antioquia

Universidad de Antioquia



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