Salomon Maimon’s influence in Gilles Deleuze’s thought


  • Diego Abadi Universidad de Buenos Aires



Maimon, Deleuze, Kant, idea, differentials


In the present article we will try to provide a reading of Salomon Maimon’s work, with the aim of shedding light on some of the central issues the Deleuzian thought envisaged in the period of philosophical production that is accomplished with the publication of Difference and Repetition. To do this we will, at first, give an overview of the Maimonian thought, drawing the necessary comparisons with the Kantian concepts and trying to account both for their points of contact and their possible divergences. In a second stage we will make a double movement: on the one hand we will try to problematize some of Maimon’s concepts, while on the other hand we will seek to show in what sense these tensions may open to specifically Deleuzian questions. Finally, we will exhibit some characters of the Deleuzian Idea and other concepts related to it, highlighting the constraints of which they part and the novel solutions they provide.

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