Transit and decline of the image


  • Luis Fernando Valencia Universidad Nacional de Colombia



Image, representation, crisis ofrepresentation, Colombian art


First, the author sets aside the process in which "image" and "representation" have lost their original meaning in West history. Thence, it has sprung a crisis the author calls «crisis ofrepresentation». lt is defined by: l. The change of the optical status ofimage, 2. The disappearing of any visual paradigm, so that the image will be no more a medium ofmeaning, 3. As a consequence, metaphorical and symbolical functions of image are now non-working, and 4. At last, there has been a saturation of images. From this diagnosis, the author holds that we presently live in a "fractal culture" or "arder o fdespotic representation", whose akin phenomena are the aesthetisation of worlds of life, and the fall of reason and history. On a second stage, the author studies sorne works of Colombian art in the nineties, he takes as the echoes of the «crisis of representation».

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Valencia, L. F. (1997). Transit and decline of the image. Estudios De Filosofía, (15-16), 113–129.



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