Development of a photoirradiation system for photodynamic therapy with dosimetric control


  • Luis Hernández Quintanar ESIME-IPN
  • Suren Stolik Isakina ESIME-IPN
  • José Manuel de la Rosa Vázquez ESIME-IPN



biomedical instrumentation, photodynamic therapy, phantoms, dosimetry


Photodynamic Therapy is a well know treatment based on light interaction with a photosensitizing drug, used in the treatment of certain diseases like cancer. In this issue, the development of asystem for superficial irradiation, which allows the application of Photodynamic Therapy at 630nm using a light emitting diode as a radiation source. It is proposed a control for the energy dose delivery in depth, which incorporates the calculations from a radiation distribution model. Also it is reported the construction and characterization of optical phantoms in aqueous suspensions, used for models’ verification and system performance testing.

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Author Biographies

Luis Hernández Quintanar, ESIME-IPN

Postgraduate Studies Section.

Suren Stolik Isakina, ESIME-IPN

Postgraduate Studies Section.

José Manuel de la Rosa Vázquez, ESIME-IPN

Postgraduate Studies Section.


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Hernández Quintanar, L., Stolik Isakina, S., & de la Rosa Vázquez, J. M. (2012). Development of a photoirradiation system for photodynamic therapy with dosimetric control. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (61), 64–73.

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