Reconstruction of the execution times dynamics of real-time tasks by fuzzy digital filtering


  • Jorge Salvador Valdez Martínez National Polytechnic Institute
  • Gustavo Delgado Reyes National Polytechnic Institute
  • Pedro Guevara López National Polytechnic Institute
  • Juan Carlos García Infante National Polytechnic Institute



execution time, estimator, fuzzy filtering, reconstruction, real-time task


Real-time systems (RTS) process their activities through tasks which in turn consist of a set of instances, each one of this real-time task (RTT) have six temporary  constraints:  arrival  time,  start  time,  execution  time,  end  time,  over time and deadline. Of these six constraints, the execution time depends directly on the software and hardware of the computer, because of that this temporary constraints varies due to external and internal factors, this variation may cause at least some instance does not satisfy the deadline, in this sense it is important to propose a model to reconstruct the behavior of the execution times for the purpose to determine the proportions of the Real-time System, propose  appropriate  techniques  of  fault  tolerance  and  improve  operating  modules.  Therefore  in  this  paper,  is  proposed  a  model  to  reconstruct  the  execution times from measurements made at a program algorithm developed in  the  real-time  operating  system  QNX  Neutrino  6.5.  This  reconstruction  is  done  by  a  model  type  autoregressive–moving-average  integrated  with  parameter  estimator  constructed  with  a  digital  filtering  procedure  diffuse (FDD).  To  validate  the  reconstruction  is  used  the  mean  square  error  which  converges  to  a  region  close  to  zero  and  indicate  that  the  reconstruction  is  good.

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Author Biographies

Jorge Salvador Valdez Martínez, National Polytechnic Institute

Postgraduate Studies and Research Section. Superior School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering “Culhuacán” Unit.

Gustavo Delgado Reyes, National Polytechnic Institute

Master of Science in Engineering in Microelectronics. Postgraduate Studies and Research Section. Superior School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering “Culhuacán” Unit.

Pedro Guevara López, National Polytechnic Institute

Research Professor at the Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Postgraduate Studies and Research Section.

Juan Carlos García Infante, National Polytechnic Institute

Research professor. Postgraduate Studies and Research Section. Superior School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering “Culhuacán” Unit.


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How to Cite

Valdez Martínez, J. S., Delgado Reyes, G., Guevara López, P., & García Infante, J. C. (2014). Reconstruction of the execution times dynamics of real-time tasks by fuzzy digital filtering. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (70), 155–166.

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