Triglyceride transesterification in heterogeneous reaction system with calcium oxide as catalyst


  • Mónica Becerra Ortega Industrial University of Santander
  • Aristóbulo Centeno Hurtado Industrial University of Santander
  • Sonia Azucena Giraldo Duarte Industrial University of Santander



biodiesel, triacetin, basic catalysis, triolein


In this work, the behavior of the CaO as a potential catalyst for the transesterification of triglyceride towards biodiesel production was studied. The effect of the alcohol type, the ratio of alcohol/triacetin, the amount of catalyst, and the chain length of triglyceride on the catalytic behavior of CaO was analyzed. Total conversion was obtained at room temperature with a 6:1 molar ratio of methanol to triacetin over 1% of CaO, after 1 h. It was demonstrated that the whole reaction occurs in heterogeneous phase. During five reaction cycles the CaO maintained a high catalytic activity, showing its good stability. Additionally, it was established that the length of the triglyceride used influenced the transesterification reaction yield due to the steric hindrances and diffusional limitations in the fluid phase.

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Author Biographies

Mónica Becerra Ortega, Industrial University of Santander

Catalysis Research Center (CICAT). School of Chemical Engineering.

Aristóbulo Centeno Hurtado, Industrial University of Santander

Catalysis Research Center (CICAT). School of Chemical Engineering.

Sonia Azucena Giraldo Duarte, Industrial University of Santander

Catalysis Research Center (CICAT). School of Chemical Engineering.


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Becerra Ortega, M., Centeno Hurtado, A., & Giraldo Duarte, S. A. (2013). Triglyceride transesterification in heterogeneous reaction system with calcium oxide as catalyst. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (57), 7–13.

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