Long term performance of existing asphalt concrete pavement sections

  • Shad M. Sargand Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and Environment
  • Carlos A. Vega-Posada Universidad de Antioquia https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0923-356X
  • Luis G. Arboleda-Monsalve Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern Univ., Evanston


Highway pavements are designed to withstand the projected traffic loads while providing a high quality level of service. The large loads that pavements experience during the design life in conjunction with variable climate and moisture conditions accelerate the deterioration process and might cause premature failure of the pavements. In this research, a forensic study to assess the current performance of several asphalt concrete (AC) pavements is conducted. The structural condition of the AC sections, located in the State of Ohio, United States, was determined by means of the Falling Weight De¯ ectometer (FWD) testing method. The evaluation and interpretation of the FWD tests permit the assessment of potential short or medium-term rehabilitation projects. The methodology of analysis and data interpretation presented in this paper for the case of 110 km of asphalt concrete pavement in the State of Ohio, stands as a valuable technique in Colombia to determine, with actual field measurements, the condition and potential rehabilitation of the infrastructure system that is required to guarantee the sustainable economic development of the country.
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