Asymptotic differentiation of signals in the trajectory tracking control of a differentially flat nonlinear magnetic suspension system




differential flatness, differentiation of signals, motion planning, magnetic levitation


This paper deals with the problem of time-varying desired position reference trajectory tracking tasks for an object in a differentially flat nonlinear magnetic levitation system using position measurements only. A novel scheme for signal differentiation is proposed for asymptotic estimation of velocity and acceleration. This differentiator can be utilized in many control applications of practical engineering systems where the differentiation of any signal is required. The differentiation of signals is combined with a differential flatness-based controller for asymptotic tracking of reference trajectories. Simulation results are provided to show the efficient performance of the proposed differentiator-control scheme. Two issues for reference trajectory tracking tasks are performed. The first one considers the rest-to-rest position transfer problem of the object from a nominal position to another, while the second one focuses on the sinusoidal position trajectory tracking problem.

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Author Biographies

Francisco Beltrán Carbajal, Metropolitan Autonomous University

Azcapotzalco unit. Department of Energy.

Antonio Favela Contreras, ITESM

Department of Mechatronics and Automation.

Antonio Valderrábano González, Panamerican University

Mechatronics Engineering.

Gerardo Silva Navarro, CINVESTAV-IPN. C.P.

Dept. of Electrical Engineering. Mechatronics Section.


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Beltrán Carbajal, F., Favela Contreras, A., Valderrábano González, A., & Silva Navarro, G. (2013). Asymptotic differentiation of signals in the trajectory tracking control of a differentially flat nonlinear magnetic suspension system. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (66), 70–81.

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