Asphaltenes and preasphaltenes from coal liquid extracts: feedstocks to obtain carbon mesophase

  • Juan Manuel Barraza-Burgos Universidad del Valle
  • Natalia Muñoz Universidad del Valle
  • Lina Marcela Barona Osorio Universidad del Valle
Keywords: Mesofase, asfáltenos, preasfáltenos, extracto liquido de carbón


The aim of this work was to produce mesophase by using preasphaltenes and asphaltenes from coal liquid extracts obtained in a Direct Coal Liquefaction (DCL)  process.  Preasphaltenes  and  asphaltenes  were  carbonized  at  inert  atmosphere  at  temperatures  of  350,  400  and  450  °C  during  180  min.  The  mesophase identification and quantification was performed by polarized light microscopy. The results showed that the highest concentration of mesophase (79% v/v), with mass yield of 12,4% w/w, was obtained from the asphaltenes treated at 400 °C. The highest mesophase global yield (with respect to coal fed) was 4,4% w/w.

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Author Biographies

Juan Manuel Barraza-Burgos, Universidad del Valle

Ingeniero Químico, M.Sc. Ph.D

Director Escuela de Ingeniería Química

Profesor Titular Escuela de Ingeniería Química

Natalia Muñoz, Universidad del Valle

Escuela de Ingeniería Química

Lina Marcela Barona Osorio, Universidad del Valle

Escuela de Ingeniería Química


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