Study and modeling of KR 6 KUKA robot

  • John Faber Archila-Diaz Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro
  • Max Suell-Dutra Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro
Keywords: Robotics, direct kinematics, inverse kinematics, inertial tensor, dynamical model, Jacobian, KUKA KR 6, DSP


This work presents the study and modeling of KUKA KR 6 Robot, of robotics laboratory of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, show the CAD model, the direct and inverse kinematics models and the dynamical model, the direct kinematical model is based in the use of homogeneous matrix, the inverse kinematics use the quadratic equations model, the dynamical model is based in the use of Euler - Lagrange equations, using homogeneous matrix and having in a count the inertial tensor, which one was found with help of CAD tools, is presented the jacobian of manipulator needed for the kinematical control. The work is the first stage for the control of KUKA KR 6 Robot and proposes the implementation of inverse kinematical model in one DSP of Texas Instruments family, analyzing his performance.

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Author Biographies

John Faber Archila-Diaz, Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro

Laboratório de Robótica

Max Suell-Dutra, Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro

Laboratório de Robótica


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