Speciation of iron, nickel and cobalt in the anaerobic biodegradation of rice straw





biogas, metals, mineral, productivity, waste treatment


The bioavailability of Fe, Ni and Co and its impact on the mono-digestion of rice straw with addition of a natural nutrient source were assessed. The chemical forms and the degree of bioavailability of Fe, Ni and Co were investigated in two reactors during 311 days of experimentation at 37°C. The reactor (R2) was supplemented with 1 g/L of mineral once a week. The control reactor R1 was limited in mineral during the study. The greatest methane yield of 238 mL/g VS was obtained with mineral supply with an increment of 45% respect to reactor without metals (164 mL/g VS). The sequential extraction confirmed that 70, 88 and 75% of Fe, Ni and Co were mainly in bioavailable forms (interchangeable and carbonate), respectively, with mineral supply in R2. Fe and Co were mainly associated to the carbonate and oxidizable fractions (43% and 41% respectively), while the Ni concentrations were not detected during the experimentation. As a result, the methane yield in R2 increased by 45%, with a potential bioavailability (Ni > Co > Fe) higher compared to control reactor (Co > Fe). Trace elements deficit in R1 result in the reduction of metal-binding forms until the end of experiment, with a negative impact on methanogenic community.

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Author Biographies

Aimeé González-Suárez, Technological University of Havana "José Antonio Echeverría" (CUJAE)

 Professor, Center for Process Engineering Studies (CIPRO).

Ileana Pereda-Reyes, Technological University of Havana "José Antonio Echeverría" (CUJAE)

 Professor at the Engineering Process Centre, Research Director of CUJAE.


Deny Oliva-Merencio, Technological University of Havana "José Antonio Echeverría" (CUJAE)

Full-time Professor at the Renewable Energy Center, Vicerrector CUJAE.

Silvio Jacinto Montalvo-Martínez, University of Santiago of Chile

Chemical Engineering Professor, Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory.


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González-Suárez, A., Pereda-Reyes, I., Oliva-Merencio, D., & Montalvo-Martínez, S. J. (2020). Speciation of iron, nickel and cobalt in the anaerobic biodegradation of rice straw . Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (101), 55–63. https://doi.org/10.17533/udea.redin.20200366

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