Nopol synthesis from β-pinene and turpentine oil over Sn-MCM-41



turpentine oil, β-pinene, nopol, Prins reaction, Lewis acid, Sn, MCM-41


Nopol was obtained by the Prins condensation of β-pinene and paraformaldehyde over Sn-MCM-41. The catalyst was synthesized by chemical vapor deposition using a Sn salt over MCM-41. Reactions were carried out using either high purity β-pinene or turpentine oil as a starting material. The effect of catalyst Sn loading, temperature, type of solvent, catalyst amount, and reaction time on nopol selectivity was studied. Catalyst samples were characterized by XRD, IR, UV-VIS, elemental analysis and BET surface area. Low Sn loaded Sn-MCM-41 yields near 100% nopol with high purity β-pinene; whereas using turpentine as β-pinene source, nopol selectivities up to 93% were attained for equimolar ratios of reactants.

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Author Biographies

Edwin Alexis Alarcón Durango, Universidad de Antioquia

Grupo Catálisis Ambiental. Centro de Excelencia CENIVAM. Departamento de Ingeniería Química.

Aída Luz Villa Correa, Universidad de Antioquia

Grupo Catálisis Ambiental. Centro de Excelencia CENIVAM. Departamento de Ingeniería Química.

Consuelo Montes de Correa, Universidad de Antioquia

Grupo Catálisis Ambiental. Centro de Excelencia CENIVAM. Departamento de Ingeniería Química.


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Alarcón Durango, E. A. ., Villa Correa, A. L. ., & Montes de Correa, C. . (2006). Nopol synthesis from β-pinene and turpentine oil over Sn-MCM-41. Revista Facultad De Ingeniería Universidad De Antioquia, (36), 45–55. Retrieved from

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