Correlación entre los séricos de dehidhoepiandrosterona sulfato (DHEAS) con el estadío de maduración esquelética


  • Mónica Giraldo Universidad de Antioquia
  • Hilda Nora Jaramillo Universidad de Antioquia
  • Oscar Zapata Universidad de Antioquia
  • Jaime Giraldo Universidad de Antioquia
  • Diana Barbosa Universidad de Antioquia
  • Jorge I. Bustamante Universidad de Antioquia
  • Juan Manuel Alfaro-J. Universidad de Antioquia



Onset of the spurt of puberal growth, Skeletal maturity, Sexual maturity


In order fo defecf indicetors lor the onsef 01 the spruf 01puberal growfh, we correlafed the DHEAS serie labels with the skeletel rneturetionel sfage (Taranger and Hegg). and others variables Iike age, weigbt, height, general development and sexual meturity (Tenner. Prader). We are studying 34 patienfs; 19 males and 15lemales, between 8to 12years old ,and we are faking blood samples, hand wrist roentgenograms, and general da fa every six month during the next lour years. In this firsf report, we presenf the dafa af the beginning 01 the study. The results shown sexual maturity diflerences befween males and Iemeles 01 the same age. Males showed higher DHEAS serie levels and lower skelefal mafurity then lemales, wbile lemales showed higher skelefal developmenf and higher DHEAS le veIs af tbe same age. We lound correlafion between DHEAS serie labels and weight lor both sexes. The DHEAS serie labels were higher in lemales with higher sexual developmenf and in these women the correletion with tbe appearing 01 the sesamideo ulnar was higher foo. DHEAS seems fo be in reletion with skelefal meturetion, sltbought tbis reletion only will be veritied with tbe lufure samples 01 this research.

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Giraldo, M., Jaramillo, H. N., Zapata, O., Giraldo, J., Barbosa, D., Bustamante, J. I., & Alfaro-J., J. M. (2009). Correlación entre los séricos de dehidhoepiandrosterona sulfato (DHEAS) con el estadío de maduración esquelética. Revista Facultad De Odontología Universidad De Antioquia, 12(1), 43–50.